More and More Doors!

Still working on doors, just painting doors and polishing hinges. I also have the garage door jam that looks like it was chewed or scratched away by a dog. I think we are just going to paint the inside of the house side of the door and leave the garage side of the door the way it is.

We are still deciding on which big project to do next, the bathroom or placing engineered flooring over the hardwood flooring downstairs. I know we are going to paint the rest of the living room before we put the flooring down. Either project is a big cost, so I will probably do a lot of little projects until we can afford to do the flooring or bathroom.

Also as a follow-up to my routing of door splines for door hinges, looks like I can't read a ruler, I left 1/2" reveal instead of 1/4" so the door I tried to hang doesn't close, and the door that goes on Kal's room, I then routed the wrong side of the door spline. Time to break out the Bondo and paint!

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