First Guitar Builds

For my first ever build I decided to go with a tele style guitars. I've got experience in woodworking and playing guitar (not well) and I haven't had an electric for almost 20 years. So I thought I would give it a go.

The bodies where pretty easy. Relatively speaking. The solid body is from outside in, Walnut, a mystery hardwood that came from a pallet, and maple. I wanted something with contrasting colors and not too difficult of a pattern. The hollow body is just walnut. I just kinda YOLOed the hollow body based off of pictures and YouTube videos.

The necks were and still are my biggest worry. The necks are walnut and Ipe for the fret board, just stuff my Dad had, that looked good and was different. I am complete garbage when it comes to straight lines and hand tools. So I bought router bits to shape the neck and fret board. The neck was easy with the SJE modern C profile. Although I still need more shaping to taper it correctly. The fret board I screwed up. I used the 7.5 radius router bit on many scrap pieces and thought I had it down. Well I didn't, for one I used soft wood for practice, which game me a false sense of confidence. I blew out one of the fret boards and the other is extremely un even. When I replace it I will just use manual sanding, with a radius block.

Other than that I had some blow out on the bodies, which resulted from a combination of the grain of the wood and trying to take to much at once. So basically inexperience. Also when I glued the panels up the planks must have slipped and I didn't notice, which resulted in me having to thin the bodies under the standard 1.75 inches.

I would love to hear everyones constructive criticism. All my mistakes are learning experiences. Thank you for your time!

Thank you again Mom & Pop for letting me use the shop!

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